second call is now open: apply by the 15th of March!

We invite creators of all creative disciplines, nationalities, and age, to apply for our next art residency which takes place in Belgrade, Serbia
from 1st till the 15th of August 2020

Join Cosima Baum and Nikola Hoffmann, the residents we have selected in the first round of the open call :)

who are we

Inspiring Change is a non-profit organization based in Belgrade, connecting artists through international residency programs every summer.

who is invited

Everybody. We don't limit our participants with nationality, gender or age, the only thing that matters is your art and your vibes.

how much

Participation fee is 500€, which covers accommodation, food, the support of our team, and networking events in Belgrade. There is no application fee.

what about selection

Super easy! You send us your portfolio and a cover letter, and then we call you up for a Skype chat.

what is our focus

We encourage community-driven art initiatives, interactive art, and art that inspires social changes.

tell me more about the residency...

What is it?

Inspiring Change Residency connects artists from around the world, taking them through Belgrade adventure, connecting them with Belgrade art scene and enabling their projects to happen on spot.

How do we support you?

We encourage community-driven art initiatives, interactive art, and art that inspires social changes. Artists will receive our support in building partnerships with local artists, art studios, theaters, museums, and organizations. We can also provide permits for initiatives and art interventions in public places in Belgrade.

How does it look like?

During the two weeks, selected artists will share their living space in Belgrade, explore cultural life and history of this Eastern European capital, enjoy nightlife and be introduced to the creative community. Each artist is welcomed to bring a project to work on, a workshop/installation/performance to present during the residency, but we'd also love to see what Belgrade will inspire in you and what you'll create on the spot.

Why do we do it?

The main focus of the residency is to enable a multicultural environment, where artists can learn from other cultures, give and receive feedback and get inspired to move borders. We are enthusiastic to see what you can bring to our city, just as much as we are excited to have more residents who fell in love with Belgrade and came back.

For how long?

The duration of the residency is 15 days. Residents are expected to arrive on the 1st of August, and depart on the 15th.

Which art disciplines?

We are passionate about all art disciplines. A variety of multimedia applicants helped us go above and beyond when it comes to arranging support for artists. All art disciplines are encouraged to apply, and if your personality moves us, we will do our best to provide adequate support for you.

Where will you be?

Artists are accommodated in an artist residency space, located on a 20-minute ride (by bus) to the center of the city. The type of accommodation is a house with shared rooms, two kitchens, two bathrooms, and a beautiful garden. The house is also equipped with a studio and a printing studio, while other spaces we use (for dance, theater, music, etc) are located around the city.

What do you have to do?

There is absolutely no pressure of any kind. Artists are welcomed to create events, talks, workshops, exhibits, performances or interventions, and we will help them in doing this. However, there are no expectations, and everyone is free to explore Belgrade however they like. In the long run, we are more interested in the experience you will bring back to your community, than a short term project.

Sounds great! How do I apply?

Deadline for applying is 15th of March.

Residency fee

The participation fee for the residency is 500€ per artist. This fee covers accommodation, food, the support of our team while executing individual or group activities, and networking events in Belgrade.

There is no application fee.

Application process

The first step for applying to the residency is to send us your CV/Portfolio, and a cover letter telling us why are you interested in the programme and how would you like to use this experience.

After we receive your applications, we will schedule a Skype interview, where we could get to know you better and you could tell us what kind of support you need from us.

The deadline for sending your applications is the 15th of March 2020.

Applications should be sent to the email address residency@inspiringchange.rs


We are here for any questions. Please contact info@inspiringchange.rs